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Hello, my name is Sonia Knight, the founder of Safer Skin Whitening.  I am 34 years old, married with 2 children. I have a University of Wales certified post-graduate diploma, Dermatology in Clinical Practice.

I should probably add that I have also had a brush with hyperpigmentation; I’ll let you in on it shortly.

What is Safer Skin Whitening all about? 

For the last year I've been working to make SaferSkinWhitening.com a one-stop destination for safer skin whitening in terms of products, updates from the beauty industry, beauty and skin care tips, product reviews and a lot more. My and my teams goal is to deliver expert, authoritative and actionable skin whitening advice. We have done this by  incorporating well researched solutions from other beauty experts, doctors and professionals on safe skin lightening from all over the world.

How was Safer Skin Whitening Born?

Unlike many young people of my age, I had flawless skin back then. I therefore wasn’t overly conscious of how I looked because I was obviously the envy of many. Later in my late 20s; a husband and one child later, the same could not be said of my skin. What started with a few pimples escalated to be a really bad case of acne. I scoured the net and asked around in an attempt to contain the situation. After paying a hefty price with my money, comfort, appearance and self esteem, I ended up with a somewhat better look.

Is there a way that this could have been a better experience? This is the question that led me to spend countless hours searching for safer solutions to completely restore my skin tone and help others out there who were going through the same or worse experience. Internet search did not fully satisfy my curiosity. That is why I enrolled for an online course in Dermatology in Clinical Practice from Diploma Msc, a partner of the University of Wales, UK. 

The wealth of knowledge I gained gave me a better understanding of what almost a third of the entire world’s population that suffers from illnesses that directly affect the skin go through. After graduating, I had the confidence to start the Safer Skin Whitening website. Looking at the close to 180 countries that we are catering for worldwide, and the progress I have made with my own skin, I am convinced that this was one of the best decisions I have made.

Why Skin Lightening?

There isn’t so much you can do to hide your skin. Apart from being the largest organ in your body and a protective cover, it is basically the first thing that someone sees at a glance. Skin lightening products are beneficial in curbing issues like uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, tanning, etc. Since people may not have the patience to wait long enough for their skin to regain its colour or get a fair complexion, the need for using skin whitening products comes in handy. For many, simply improving their appearance is more than enough to skyrocket their self-esteem.

On the other hand, every skin colour is beautiful in its own way. However, there is no denying the fact that fair complexion receives much more appreciation in the society. You might be wondering why anyone would want to look lighter or why anyone wouldn’t depending on where you stand, right? While skin lightening is a controversial subject, there are still enough reasons to get fair skin.

In various cultures, white skin is seen as a beauty symbol, especially among the women while others view it as a ticket to success and a better life. Whatever your reasons are for wanting fairer skin, Safer Skin Whitening seeks to focus on providing you with ‘No Fluff But Facts’ to enable you to do it within safe limits. We aim to create a small bible for all your skin whitening queries, dilemmas, and information.

Curious to know more? Take a quick glance over and see what the world of safe skin whitening has to offer.

Focus On Natural Skin Whitening Tips

Since we prefer to stay away from harsh chemicals and focus mainly on organic and natural care, you will find lots of products, tips, and home remedy to boost healthy skin whitening and overall skin’s health.

Analysis Of Skin Whitening Ingredients

We will bring you the latest information on the most effective and latest skin whitening ingredients for various skin types. We have included all the benefits and harmful effects. We would not be doing you any justice if we did not research on and explain everything about controversial ingredients to give you a deeper insight into the type of effect each can have on your skin.

Skin Whitening Product Recommendations & Reviews

Carefully picked good skin whitening products are reviewed extensively with prospective pros and cons. In addition, skin care advice is shared further on what’s suitable and what should be avoided.

Finally, The Healthy Skin Whitening

Our blogs are highly sensitive to cater for everything “healthy and safe” so we will continuously add information borrowed from both healthy age-old and modern skin whitening tips and techniques as well as all the relevant trends and news related to the skin whitening industry.

As we are constantly updating our website with the latest trends and updates from the beauty industry on skin whitening, keep visiting! Feel free to write to us if you want us to know anything or everything happening in the skin whitening industry.

Best regards,

Sonia Knight

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