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Skin Whitening Creams for Different Types of Skin

Skin lightening has become quite prevalent in recent times. It is nothing but an attempt by people all over the world to lighten their skin by the use of chemical substances. The process helps you to get rid of uneven skin tone and eliminate excess melanin content from your skin. Skin lightening is also known by other terms such as skin bleaching and skin whitening. All the skin whitening processes deal with uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. The process always involves the reduction of melanin from your skin in order to get healthier and brighter looking skin. Melanin is actually ... Read more

What Is Hyperpigmentation?

Recently we covered some of the interesting topics on skin whitening such as skin whitening history, side effects of skin whitening creams, natural tips and lot more. In all these topics, we have used the term hyperpigmentation, which is a very important skin condition to be aware of. In the medical field, there is a whole base of the study conducted on WHAT IS HYPERPIGMENTATION? Hyper-Pigmentation is a skin condition where you get darker spots on your skin. It is caused by the “hyper” activity of the brown pigment under our skin called melanin. It’s easily identifiable by dark patches ... Read more

How to Treat Hyperpigmentation?

Beauty is not flawless, it shines even through the flaws. This is one quote we all like to live by. In our previous article, we discussed a common skin condition called Hyperpigmentation. We searched and researched to understand what exactly does it mean and what are the main causes of Hyperpigmentation. Let’s do a quick, short recap of that, before moving further. Excessive production of Melanin causes uneven colour and dark patches on the skin. It may occur anywhere on the body, face, hands, legs, arms, and neck. Any area which is mostly left exposed to the sun is more ... Read more