Which Skin Whitening Products Celebrities Use?

Skin lightening treatments by celebrities have become a common occurrence in recent years, that’s despite controversies around the reasons behind it.

Our society is slowing adapting to different beauty standards and skin tone. Lighter and fairer skin is something that everyone craves for, and celebrities play a massive part in paving the way.

So which celebrities are accused of using skin brightening products?

So, talking about the celebrities, who are the celebs who had darker skin originally but over the years have adorned lighter shades? Let’s look at few of them and what they have been using!


Rihanna is the first celebrity that comes to everyone’s mind when it comes to skin whitening. She has repeatedly been accused of utilizing skin whitening products and treatments to get a lighter complexion.

Over the years, Rihanna has been portraying an array of different looks, and some believe that the change in her complexion is a part of that. Some also believe the opposite. They say maybe the looks are just an excuse for her to change her skin tone. Well, who should we believe?

Though Rihanna has never commented on her use of any whitening products publicly, yet when we see the difference in old photos with current ones, there is definitely a visible change. There is a speculation that her skin care routine consists of a special type of melanin blocking product that helps to get rid of the darker pigments on the skin. Cream that contains hydroquinone, a skin-lightening chemical, can be used with the retinol cream for visible lighter results.


Is Beyonce bleaching her skin?

Beyoncé is one of the highly respected stars of Hollywood. But that has not stopped her to portray signs of skin whitening consistently. Beyoncé has been a symbol when it comes to equal opportunities and rights for black and non-black artists. Then why has her skin been getting lighter with each passing year? She even dyed her hair blond which was a bit disappointing for her fans as it conflicted with her ideology of beauty for various races.

Beyonce’s skin has never shown any drastic tone changes. This means that maybe she is just taking proper skin care without using any chemical treatments. It is said that she always starts her day with a high-level of SPF protection from the sun’s harsh rays. Experts also say that when using a combination of good exfoliants like microdermabrasion, AHA-containing products, or chemical peels you can easily get lighter, brighter, and softer skin by getting rid of dead skin cell.

Nicki Minaj

It is still not clear if Nicki Minaj, the sensational pop star, has indeed gone through skin lightening treatments. But her fans and many bloggers have highlighted that her skin tone has gotten a lot lighter with time. You can notice a definite change in her skin tone if you compare her photos over the years.

Nicki Minaj’s skin whitening transition is not drastic. This kind of change can be achieved by using natural skin whitening creams that contain a combination of exfoliants and natural melanin blockers or just the regular skin lightening creams. This would speed up the process of skin cell turnover and will help in getting rid of dull and dark skin in no time.

Lil’ Kim

Rapper Lil’ Kim has shown drastic skin changes over last few years. It might be due to skin whitening treatments or makeup. But looking at how comfortable Lil’ Kim is with cosmetic procedures, her skin whitening is surely by chemical methods. Lil’ Kim has gone through numerous transformations, and now she looks more Asian than African-American!

There is a speculation that Lil’ Kim has gone the nine yards with laser skin lightening. In laser skin treatment procedure, short, concentrated pulsed light beams are projected to the targeted damaged skin area. These treatments are very costly, and you cannot stop at one to get the desired results.


Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling, the American actress, comedian, and writer, may not be just an average celebrity yet she too has shown signs of skin lightening. But fans claim that their favourite celebrity is just taking care and following specific skin care regime for the skin. When Mindy first came to the spotlight, her skin was in terrible condition. So the way her skin looks now maybe because she is taking better care of her skin. She might just be using skin brighteners and staying out of the sun.

So what’s your take on it? Why does skin colour matter so much to so many of the celebs? Is it just a matter of skincare companies using celebrities to urge us to lighten our skin so they can earn bigger profits?


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